Cannellini Beans cream with mussels and squids

Cannellini Beans cream with mussels and squids


300 g of white beans;
1 carrot;
2 little potatos;
1 onion;
1 celery;
1 broccoli;
1 tomato confit;
vegetable stock;
extravirgin olive oil;
salt and pepper;
16 mussels (optional);
2 squids (optional)


Put Cannellini beans in a pot water full. After 12 hours put the pot on the fire cooking to sweet flame with onion, potatos and salt. Add a piece of vegetable stock, a carrot and celery. Drain preserving the cooking liquid and mix. Add salt, pepper, 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil and some spoons of cooking liquid.
Put mussels in a large pot since they open.
Meanwhile steam squids and broccoli. Salt.
Put beans cream in four dishes adding broccoli tips, four mussels, squids slices and tomato confit.
Finish the dish with a teaspoon of extravirgin olive oil
Whitout fish ingredients beans cream is a tasting and refinate vegan recipe.

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